How To Measure for Durahold Rug Pad

It is simple to determine the size of Durahold rug pad that you need. This is based on actual rug size and we offer the following simple steps to determine the best Durahold rug pad size and shape for your area rug.

Your rug pad should be slightly smaller than your rug and we can cut it to the proper size. You simply measure your rug and give this to us and we’ll do the rest.

1measuredura.png 2measuredura.png 3measure.png
To measure your rug, we need the width. With a tape measure, measure from side to side, to include any binding that may be attached to your rug.  Next, measure the length of the entire rug. On the length, measure only the actual rug, excluding any existing fringe, or tassels.  You can enter your measurement in either feet or inches, or feet and inches. 

Choose The Rug Pad Size

When you shop on our site, choose the size of rug pad next larger than your actual rug size. So, if your rug measures 8'6" x 11'6", then you would order our 9' x 12' Durahold rug pad.

Enter Your Rug Size
Once you select the proper rug pad size, you will notice a custom cutting feature. Select 'Yes" for us to cut your rug pad and in the box below, enter your actual rug size. We will then custom cut the rug pad about one inch smaller, on all sides, based on your rug size.