Rug Pad for Rugs on Carpet

"The only thing that kept our rug flat under our coffee table was a thin piece of plywood. I called Durahold Rug Pads and ordered an 8'x10' No-Muv, removed the plywood and the rug has not wrinkled at all - It's now been 4 months! Not the least expensive pad out there, but the only one that works!!"
- Lisa, Florida

No-Muv is the only rug pad that truly works under rugs on carpet. No-Muv keeps rugs flat and prevents them from slipping on top of all types of carpet.

With a specially stiffended felt lower surface, No-Muv grabs to your carpet to prevent common shifting and sliding. The upper felt surface is made in a dense 60 ounces to keep your rug flat and prevent wrinkles and buckles on top of your carpet. Its density prevents pressure from furniture and foot steps from penetrating through to cause wrinkles.

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