How Durahold Rug Pad Protects Hardwood Floors

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When area rugs are on hardwood floors, it is important to use the proper rug pad under the rugs. Durahold is a non slip rug pad that not only prevents slipping, it also offers a few ways to protect hardwood floors from damage.

Durahold rug pad is a very dense felt and natural rubber rug pad that is truly considered the most effective overall rug pad. Some rug pads prevent slipping, some add comfort and others prevent damage to rugs and floors. Durahold rug pad does all of these and is actually safe for all types of hardwood floors. Unlike other rubber-like pads, Durahold contains a layer of natural rubber which does not stick to, transfer to, mark or damage any hardwood floor. Used properly, Durahold rug pad for hardwood floors is considered to be one of the best to protect the floor.

Prevent Furniture Damage to Hardwood Floors

When furniture is placed on area rugs that are on a hardwood floor, there can be much pressure applied on the rug and floor. Heavy furniture tends to push through and penetrate the rug to cause possible damage to the hardwood floor. Durahold is made in the most dense 48 ounces to be able to resist any amount of pressure that can affect the floor. Even the heaviest of furniture cannot penetrate through Durahold to dent any hardwood floor - Durahold prevents furniture penetration.

Prevent Scratches to Hardwood Floors

Many area rugs contain a rough backing that when walked on can actually scratch hardwood floor. Since Durahold is a solid felt rug pad without any holes, it acts like a protective barrier to prevent the back of any rug from scratching the floor. When a rug is walked on or used, the pressure that causes it to rub and scratch the floor is absorbed by Durahold's felt surface.

Prevent Slipping Scratches to the Floor

When area rugs slip on hardwood floors, the friction of the back of the rug slipping can actually cause scratches to the floor. Since Durahold is rated as the most effective non slip rug pad, it prevents any rug from slipping and this prevents possible damage to the floor.

Natural Rubber Will Not Damage Floor

Perhaps one of the most important elements of Durahold rug pad is that fact that it contains a layer of natural solid rubber - Most others in the industry contain an imitation rubber or a sprayed on latex. The natural rubber is important in that unlike others, it will not transfer to or stick to and damage hardwood floors. Contrary to some beliefs, natural untreated rubber is completely safe for all types of hardwood floors. It is the common rug pads treated with adhesives that can actually cause damage to the floor.

Hardwood floors are an investment that should be properly protected. While you can prevent damage to your floors with some simple care tips, if you use rugs on your floors, you should always use rug pads under them. By using Durahold under your rugs, your hardwood floors will be protected from many common and sometimes uncommon causes of damage. Durahold rug pad will prevent dents, scratches, staining and discoloring of all types and finishes of hardwood floors.