How a Non Slip Rug Pad Protects Hardwood Floors

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Most of our customers call on us for a rug pad to prevent their rug from slipping, so they seek out a Non Slip Rug Pad. Since Durahold Plus Rug Pad offers non slip protection, we are always happy to offer it for any rug on any floor - It truly prevents slipping and it offers a few other benefits, such as protection for hardwood floors.

Non slip rug pads are normally thought to be those thinner waffle looking pads that are placed under a rug and if you're lucky, will prevent slipping without causing damage to your floor. Unfortunately, many customers have been unlucky with such rug pads and have found them to cause some sort of damage to their hardwood floor. We always advise customers against such pads because the actual element within the rug pad that makes it non slip is a sticky adhesive that is added to the padding to offer its non slip feature. With that feature comes the risk of the rug pad literally sticking to the floor.

Durahold rug pad for hardwood floorsDurahold Plus rug pad is one of the few non slip rug pads that not only prevents rugs from slipping, it also protects the hardwood floor on which it is placed. With a very dense felt surface, Durahold is able to resist any penetration from above, keeping your floor protected from the elements, such as heavy and sharp furniture feet. Add to this the completely natural rubber lower surface and Durahold performs as a non slip rug pad while protecting your hardwood floor from common damage. This is due to the fact that the rubber we use in Durahold is a pure layer of solid rubber without any sticky adhesive, additive or chemical.

Durahold protects your hardwood floor by keeping it new and free of any sticky mess. It also is a non slip rug pad that protects hardwood floors by creating an airflow underneath the rug pad - A close look at the rubber surface will reveal a raised hexagonal pattern within the rubber that allows for air to flow underneath the rug and pad, allowing the hardwood floor to breath. Many other non slip rug pads are flat and trap moisture between them and the hardwood floor, causing another form of potential damage. Durahold, however, avoids this with its patented texture within the rubber.

For those with the mindset that a non slip pad is just used to prevent their rug from slipping on their hardwood floor, Durahold Plus offers some extra bonuses. Place Durahold under any area rug on any hardwood floor and it will serve as the most effective non slip rug pad, as well as one of the most effective barriers to protect your hardwood floor from common damage, including moisture damage.

With Durahold Plus available in any shape and size, you truly do not have a reason not to offer your hardwood floors the protection they deserve - Add to this free custom cutting and free shipping and we make the decision to order your next Durahold rug pad as easy as possible!

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