Benefits of Durahold Rug Pad

Benefits of Durahold Rug Pad include protection, safety and comfort. Choosing Durahold rug pad will prove to protect your area rugs and floors and prolong their life for several years.


Durahold is proven to protect rugs and floors better than any other pad. Durahold is a 45 ounce density that prevents penetration to the floor. This prevents premature wear and damage to the area rug and floor by preventing pressure and stress. Durahold provides excellent resistance to the daily stress that rug and floor can experience.

Longevity of Rug

Durahold Rug Pad will increase the life of any area rug. Since Durahold is able to resist pressure and stress from things such as heavy furniture and constant foot traffic, it prolongs the life of the rug. The density helps the rug fibers spring back to position when walked on. It also avoids the knots on the back of the rug rubbing and wearing against the hard floor.


Durahold Rug Pad add safety to your rugs and floors. Durahold contains an exclusive hexagonal design within the rubber back. This is meant to act as a suction cup on your floor, preventing any rug slipping. This adds safety to any home and keeps rugs in place. Since Durahold contains natural untreated rubber, the floor is safe for marks and stains.


Durahold Rug Pad add comfort. Durahold Rug pad is made in a full .30 inches thickness. This adds an extra level of comfort to thick or thin rugs, making for a more welcoming floor.

Cleaner Rug

Durahold Rug Pad allows for a cleaner rug. It helps create an air floor for vacuuming, making it much more effective. When a vacuum is able to pull more dust from the base of the rug, it makes for a cleaner rug and a longer lasting rug as well.