About Us



Durahold Rug Pads is the authorized online supplier of genuine Durahold Rug Pad. We are proud to be the source for all sizes and shapes of Durahold for any size and shape area rug - To include any standard and custom shape and size.

Durahold Rug Pads is a family driven company stemming from more than thirty years in the area rug industry. We have shipped more than 500,000 rug pads since we started offering them online in 2007.

We are based in our own warehouse and this is from where all orders are processed, cut, prepared and shipped. We have a very large volume of daily shipping due to the fact that we supply many retailers, designers and homeowners. On any given day, our warehouse is full of rolls and rolls of genuine Durahold rug pad, from which we cut all orders. Your order is never already cut and packaged, as this goes against our beliefs of delivering a quality rug pad in excellent condition.

Our experience with rug pads stems back more than 30 years. As one of the premier area rug retailers on the east coast, we have seen many area rugs used on Durahold Rug Pad. Our experience shows us that any rug is better protected with Durahold. Durahold is the most dense and safest rug pad for all area rugs and floors, period. Unlike other stores, we only offer Durahold and are trained in every aspect of the finest rug pad made in the USA.